Light Tests // Boston Portraits

Messing around at 300 Babcock with Yahna.


jon and meg // rhode island wedding

Ohhhhh, man. This was a treat. I found myself continually choked-up throughout Meg and Jon's wedding weekend. The fact that these two are some of the kindest and loveliest humans on the planet played a part in that I'm sure. And they've surrounded themselves with kind and lovely humans who made the beauty of the day all the more touching. So many loving glances, so many hugs, and so many kids running around! Life was happening in a big way and I felt lucky to get to tag along.

I've said it on this blog before; I cry for joy pretty easily and have gotten used to shooting through tears. But the couple days I spent capturing this two-part ceremony on a gorgeous plot of land on the coast of RI was about all I could take and it brought my shooting with misty eyes game to a whole new level. The weekend was full of tradition and family narrative. I was a mess. Don't tell anyone.

Since some of the ceremony, like the signing of the Ketubah, couldn't be done on the Sabbath, there's a whole other post's worth of images from the day before the actual wedding day. But I figured I'd limit this post to Saturday's festivities. Because there's just too much goodness.

We managed, but it was darn near impossible, to capture a photo of these two not making each other laugh or being overcome with joy at the prospect of being husband and wife. As you'll see below. All the heart eye emojis, y'all.

Mazel Tov, Meg and Jon! Thanks again for letting me be a part of such a beautiful couple of days.


jon and meg // engagement session

These two crack me up. Much side-eyeing and spontaneous laughter throughout our shoot made it an easy one. And it was easy in spite of Jon being "not into having his picture taken." My reply (as is always my reply when a groom let's me in on this totally rare and uncommon issue), "Don't even think about doing anything I ask you to do that you don't want to do...and when in doubt, just look at Meg" (well, I don't say "look at Meg" to other clients...unless their significant other is, indeed, named Meg...whatever, you know what I'm mean).

All this to say, he did just fine and, dare I say, might have even had a good time.

I must note, however, even though I tried to make him more comfortable by literally hiding the man in a bunch of leaves he still felt he needed to further hide himself by ducking behind his bride-to-be. Hilarious. And wonderful.

Looking forward to their wedding in Rhode Island next month!


family portrait // thoughts on mothers

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet this sweet family on Saturday. I took their portrait just before a Mother's Day lunch near the Wayside Inn in Sudbury. Fancy attire didn't stop these kids from running, climbing, jumping, splashing -- and luckily their mom didn't mind. There are plenty of solid shots from during the session but I'm sharing these that I snapped right after we all agreed we were done shooting. Maybe because it's Mother's Day or maybe because I'm missing my mom who lives so far away, but I just adore these moments between a mom and her small daughter.

I love the honesty in her little hands. They gently speak:

"I need your attention"

"Up; I want to be closer to you"

"This is familiar; this is comfortable"

And I love the warmth in her mother's smile. It gently speaks:

"I see you"

"You belong here"

"I love you"



Penny and Sparrow // The Red Room @ Cafe 939 Boston

About two years ago I went to small show for Penny and Sparrow at an art house in Cambridge. There were about 20 folks there. It was a beautiful experience with banter between the artists and audience, personal stories, laughter, tears, and damn good music. Last weekend Andy and Kyle were back in Boston. This time to a sold out crowd with barely room to move in the back at The Red Room on Boylston. It was a beautiful experience with banter between the artists and audience, personal stories, laughter, tears, and damn good music.The lovely and hella talented Rose Cousins opened and helped close the evening.

I've seen a couple shows at The Red Room now and on Saturday night got to see the process from load-in to load-out since I got to tag along with Andy and Kyle for the evening. I was struck by how laid back and yet energized the hours before the show were. These were all professionals who had done their jobs hundreds, if not thousands, of times. And yet there was patience and detailed attention paid from the crew at The Red Room (Kyle and Rose talked about how it was the best their sound had felt in a while). Further, even though there was quite a bit on the line for Andy and Kyle (this was a larger crowd than expected; a chance for a lot of new fans to meet them and hear their music live), they were relaxed as they humbly went about the task of hurry up and wait.

The crowd may not have known it but as they entered the space they were in good hands. They were here for a good time and were not disappointed. I found myself smiling like a big dummy looking around. A few hours ago, this room was empty. And then a handful of committed artist came together, set up, and opened the doors for strangers to enter and participate in a humble, poignant event.

Below is a glimpse of the show from just off stage and between members of the crowd. Do yourself a favor the next time these fellas are in town; be a part of that crowd.