spring sprang sprung // new england happiness

Spring is here. I love when the leaves are just past the newly budding stage but aren't fully covering the dark branches of the trees yet. The contrast is so beautiful to me. I love the bare limbs of winter. So, to see them paired with the promise of new life in spring makes me feel happy.


emily & jon // central texas wedding

Last weekend I flew to Austin, rented a car, and drove about an hour east to McDade, TX. I know, where? McDade. Technically in Bastrop, but still, way the heck out in Nowheresville. Pine Oaks Ranch (who's driveway is a mile and a half long) is tucked about two miles off the main (dirt) road which is about two miles from that other Farm to Market road which is another five miles or so from 290. All that to say, even with Google, I got lost. Luckily, this was Friday and the rehearsal dinner was starting late. I mention all this to say the location was the perfect setting for Emily and Jon. The wedding party stayed for 2-3 nights at the lodge and their days and nights were filled with getting all the precious details ready, icing cakes, and "blowing stuff up" in their spare time (you can guess how those duties were split between the ladies and gentlemen).

Looking at the table of newly planted succulents (which doubled as decor and gifts for the wedding guests), I was struck by how colorful, warm, and ridiculously cute these plants are. A great reflection of Jon and Em. As you'll see below, these two are full of heart, warmth, and lots and lots of laughter. There's not an ounce of pretension between them.

They're a pleasure to know and were a pleasure to shoot for. Congrats, you crazy kids! All the best and much, much love.


nola // weekend getaway (conference tag along)

Not only is this two posts in one week but this is back to back posts with photos of myself in there (you're welcome, Paige). As mentioned previously, Stephen and I went to New Orleans a couple weekends ago. Though I've got family from Louisiana, I had never been to NOLA. With the guidance of some friends we ate our way through the Garden and Arts Districts, Downtown, and the French Quarter. My pants are still fitting a little snug. Since boy Hebert was busy for most of the time at a conference for St. Mark's, I got to sleep in, explore, and do a little work (very much in that order). I would love to make it back to stay someplace off the beaten path (the conference was in the French Quarter, which was great fun but too, well, Bourbon Street-y). And, in spite of the insanity that is Bourbon Street, I can absolutely see why so many artist love being in New Orleans and why so many well known artist have second (or third) homes there.

One morning (2pm) I stumbled into a little coffee shop located in an alley to find myself coffee and a quiet place to read. I had already eaten lunch (breakfast) but was eyeing a chocolate chip cookie as big as my face. The gal behind the counter smiled at me and said, "Come on, live a little." 

While eating my cookie I decided I would need to come back. New Orleans folks know how to "live a little" and I'd like that to rub off on me a lot more.

Below are some random shots. Mainly from my phone, but a few with the Canon with the 35mm attached.


winter // lately

We've had lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of snow this winter. While we're enjoying it (obviously), I can't help but look forward to warm weather visits to Austin and Houston this March. Stephen and I just got back from a quick trip to New Orleans last week as well (photos from that trip will be up soon). I can't say that breaks from the buckets of snow make me miss the buckets of snow, but it does make me appreciate the buckets of snow a little more. We all need more simplicity and calm in our life. Snow forces those things on me:

•That errand I needed to run? It'll have to wait.

•That event I planned on on going to? Cancelled.

•And I better find my patience quickly because I just finished bundling up my child and now he has to pee. Again.

Snow forces you to literally slow your pace, stop, be still. There's something about it that demands your attention and makes you want to be quiet. Shortly after we took these photos, Gus and I laid down on our backs with our eyes closed and let the snow cradle us and fall around us. Magical.

I love how alive I feel just sitting, sipping tea, watching the snow fall. I've spent a lot of time doing that this winter. I should make sitting still with tea a habit no matter the season. And, of course, there's sledding. What's not to adore about sledding? While I love that I grew up in the great state of Texas, I can't help but feel robbed having a childhood without sledding.

Sledding is awesome. 



caroline and andrew // houston wedding

Back in Texas again! It was wonderful to see family and friends, eat my weight in Tex Mex, and not have to wear multiple layers when outside. Oh, yes, and I shot a wedding for one of my favorite families on the planet. Thank you, Patterson and Boone clans, for flying me in to dance and hug and laugh and cry and take your pictures too. I felt truly privileged to be a part of Caroline and Andrew's day. It was a beautiful one.

Congrats to your beautiful families!