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NatalieHebertReel16 from Natalie Hebert on Vimeo.

Most of the above is from 2016. A lot of it with students and friends.

If you've questions about any of the folks behind the work you see, shoot me an email.

I've got talented friends. You should hire them.


// additional images // 



Above are screen grabs and stills from recent comercial and narrative work.

Also some stagework is thrown in there too.


// resume //



To Finally Contemplate Your Visits - Lead/Mother - (Independent) Dir. Bryan Sih

Before a Wedding - Supporting/Alethia - (Independent) Dir. Bryan Sih

New Verve - Supporting/Jess - (White Peak Films) Dir. Jacob White

Postal - Supporting/Ellie - (B.U. MFA Student) Dir. Annaleise Scheck



A Future Perfect - Claire - Flyleaf Theater (Eric Butler)

Getting Sara Married - Sara - Natick Center for the Arts (Rosann Santorelli)

Macbeth - Lady Macbeth - Ghost Light Players (Kat Alix-Gaudreau)

Complete Works of William Shakespeare - Jess - Ragnarok Prod. (Nathan Scott)

Wit - Susie Monahan - New England Repertory Co. (Ken Butler)*

(*- Nomination, Best Supporting Actress- EMACT)



Google - Lead/Woman - Anchor Line - Dir. Andre Query

HubSpot - Lead/Team Leader - HubSpot - Dir. David Guerrera

Hannaford Grocery - Lead/Young Mother - ELEMENT - Dir. Wayne Craig

Horn Book Award - Supporting/Mother - The Boston Globe

Corner Table - Lead/Woman - Dir. Sara X. Robin

BOSE - Background - ELEMENT Dir. Craig Orsini



BU Actor’s Lab - Boston University - Jan Egleson & Carolyn Pickman

On Camera Acting - Michael Chekhov Actors Studio Boston - Scott Fielding 

Chekhov Training - Michael Chekhov Actors Studio Boston - Scott Fielding



Accent/Dialects (Boston, American Southern*), Boxing, Golf, Horseback Riding*,

Hula-hoop, Ice Skating, Improv, Jump-rope, Kayak, Licensed Driver, Napping*,

Photography*, Repelling, Rock Climbing, Skeet shooting, Snow Skiing, Stick-shift,

Swimming, Teleprompter, Ukulele, Whistling, Yoga (*- Highly skilled)